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We offer a wide range of services including;

  • a holistic farm assessment including the three major components including the major cow, environmental and management factors which will improve hoof health on your farm
  • the outcome of the farm assessment will be translated into practical plans to improve hoof health, which can be applied the next day
  • identification of economic benefits to underpin your management decisions
  • write standard operating procedures and train co workers.

The advice will be tailored to your specific situation and not a general “one size fits all” solution. After our visit we will monitor the plans closely and have regular contact regarding improvements and assess if changes or modifications need to be made to your plan. As we are a strong believer in collaboration we would emphasise to involve all interested parties such as your veterinarian, hoof trimmer, nutritionist etc in the planning and follow up, to have the best possible outcome.

For specific questions on consultancy, training and/or a quote please contact us via info@dutchhoofhealthcentre.com or directly +31 570 594915 / mob. +31 611764690